May Day holiday witnesses booming tourism holiday in Linyi

May 5, Linyi (Linyi China) -- Gorgeous vernal scenery and colorful flowers can be seen everywhere in late April and early May in Linyi, east China’s Shandong Province, people had plenty of outings during the spring time.

During the four-day May Day holiday, Linyi’s tourism market was drove effectively by hot holiday tourism atmosphere, rich and distinctive activities as well as the good tourism order.

It is reported that the tourism infrastructures and products of various scenic spots in different counties in Linyi have been continuously upgraded since the beginning of this year. Based on this, high-quality tourism products helped a lot to boost the tourism market. During the holiday, the city's major tourist attractions launched a series of tourism activities as well as preferential measures to effectively meet the growing demand for tourism consumption.

Besides, the city's major scenic spots have held unique cultural tourism activities to attract a large number of tourists. Rural areas witnessed booming tourism market during the May Day holiday. With continuous integration of the city's cultural, agricultural, tourism and other industries, varied kinds of tourism activities including folk culture, red research, leisure picking, farming experience, rural resorts, boutique hotels keeps growing. By combining resource advantages and cultural characteristics, numerous cultural tourism activities such as “Traditional Chinese Clothing Festival” and traditional handicraft skills exhibitions are highly popular in Linyi’s major core scenic spots. Additionally, many tourists from other cities were attracted to Linyi’s red scenic spots, learn from the tenacious fighting spirit of Yimeng Spirit and Linyi’s revolutionary culture.