Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations offer foreigners window into Linyi and China

Nehan Mohan from India, a foreign staff of China International Sino-India Science and Technology Innovation Cluster, shows her perfume pouch made by herself at the  Dragon Boat Festival celebration.  

Linyi, June 6 (Linyi China) – To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 7, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month on the traditional Chinese calendar, Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations organized by Linyi China, Langya News is held at China International Sino-India Science and Technology Innovation Cluster in Linyi City, east China’s Shandong Province on June 6. Foreign students from Linyi University and foreign staff from the innovation cluster were invited to learn Chinese culture about Dragon Boat Festival by making zongzi, perfume pouch and five-color strings.

Foreign students from Linyi University learn to make zongzi (pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves) at the  Dragon Boat Festival celebration.  

Jointly guided by Foreign Affair Office of Linyi Municipal Government, Linyi University and Linyi Daily Press, the celebration is designed to help foreigners studying, working or living in Linyi to learn more about Linyi and China. About 40 foreigners from India, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Korea, Hungary, Russia, gathered together to experience traditions and customs of Dragon Boat Festival, and read ancient Chinese poems.

“Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional and meaningful celebration and full of customs activities, we hope today’s celebrations offer foreign students a window into Linyi City and Chinese culture,” Said Sui Guangan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Linyi Daily Press.