2019 Linyi International Marathon to start in Oct

Linyi, July 2 (Linyi China) -- 2019 Linyi International Marathon is scheduled to start at 7:35 am on October 27 at Wuzhou Lake Square in North New District of Linyi City, east China’s Shandong Province, according to press conference held on July 2.

On a first-come, first-served basis, the registration of the event has been officially launched at 4:00 pm on july 2. Several platforms for registration are available to competitors including official website of Linyi International Marathon (www.lymarathon.com), WeChat registration system and other official cooperation platforms.

According to the press conference, 2019 Linyi International Marathon is jointly sponsored by Chinese Athletics Association, Shandong Administration of Sports, Linyi Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Shandong Track and Field Sports Management Center and Linyi Sports Bureau. Titled by Ruchen Group, the event will be operated by Beijing Zhongji Sports Management Limited Company.

Reportedly, The competition consists of three items, which are full marathons, half marathons and healthy runs. About 23,000 competitors are expected to attend the race, among them there will be 6,000 full marathoners, 7,000 half marathoners and 10,000 healthy runners. The whole route is designed to start at Wuzhou Lake Square and end at No. 7 Gate of Linyi Grand Theatre.

Rich awards will be presented to most of the runners. Everyone listed in top 100 runners for both men’s and women’s full marathon will be awarded with a limit of 20,000 yuan, for half marathon with 8000 yuan. In addition, special awards are designed for Chinese and Linyi competitors: a limit of 20,000 yuan will be awarded to Chinese runners listed in top 100 in full marathon both for men and women; a limit of 6000 yuan will be especially awarded to Linyi’s men runners in top 100 of men’s full marathon, 3000 yuan for women.

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