Linyi's Yishui County listed in 2018 Top 100 Tourism Counties of China

Linyi, June 27 (Linyi China) -- The “China Tourism Day” authority organization jointly issued the “2018 China County Tourism Competitive Top 100 Counties and Cities” list, in which Linyi’s Yishui County was successfully selected. It is the great result of Yishui County's vigorous implementation of “Tourism+” multi-wheel drive and the deep integration of the industry. From January to May in 2019, the number of tourist receptions in the county reached 5.38 million, an increase of 23.4%.

"Yimeng Xiaomianao" appeared on the international stage and participated in the road show for the elderly travel products organized by the Second World Tourism Congress on May of this year. It became a highlight of Yishui's "tourism + quality". This year, Yishui has implemented 19 key tourism projects including Firefly Water Cave, Underground Grand Canyon Tourist Area Promotion, Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley Sports and Leisure Town, and Yihe Sanqiao Tourist Area.

While continuously improving the city's tourism industry, Yishui is also making every effort to promote the construction of tourism projects, actively creating new products, planning new projects, developing new formats, and forming new highlights. The Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley Sports and Leisure Characteristic Town Project is one of the key projects with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. The main construction contents include the Yishui County Youth Practice Education Training and Research Travel Base, the Large Outdoor Reality Performing Arts Base, and the Rainbow Cultural and Creative Industry Park. According to Zhu Jian, the general manager of Snow mountain Rainbow Valley, the project has completed an investment of 210 million yuan till now. The main body of the Yimeng Ancient Street and Folk Experience Project has been completed and is undergoing renovation and construction, which will be opened in mid-July.

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