Linyi to invest 4.68 billion yuan on city utilities in 2017

March 7, 2017 (Linyi China) – Aiming at transforming the development patterns and upgrading the comprehensive supportability of Linyi City, Linyi planned a projected investment of 4.68 billion yuan to improve construction of city infrastructures in 2017. Based on the national development concept of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Opening up, and Share”, Linyi compiled 2017 Plan on Urban Key Projects and Infrastructures centered on Phase II of New North Area.

In particular, the total investment of 4.68 trillion yuan will be utilized in 55 projects involving twelve categories, especially the renovation and construction of roads and bridges, utility tunnels, agricultural trade markets, railway station, exhibition and convention centers, fitness centers, prevention and control of water pollutions, and improvement of public utilities.