Traffic rush comes with festival

A national traffic rush is expected during the upcoming holiday for Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, which runs from Thursday to Saturday, a report by the Ministry of Transport said on Tuesday.

Traffic will balloon by an estimated 4 percent over last year, the report said.

People traveling for traditional ancestor worship - tomb sweeping, for example - and family outings will be major contributors to the traffic.

Cars with no more than seven seats are allowed free access to highways nationwide during the festival.

The report said that 9 am to noon on Thursday will be the peak time for departures, while 3 pm to 9 pm on Saturday will see a rush of return trips.

Sand and dust in Northwest China, however, will lower visibility during the festival. Torrential rain, predicted for Thursday in the southern part of the country, will also affect travelers' plans, the report said.

Qingming Festival is the most significant time for Chinese people to honor their ancestors at grave sites. It is also used for spring outings.

Ctrip, an online travel agency, said that orders for travel packages and self-planned tours during the three-day holiday have more than doubled, and ticket prices for more than 700 popular domestic scenic spots will be offered at 30 percent off.

Source: Chinadaily