Investment negotiation conference of Linyi held in Shanghai

 Linyi, Sep. 7 (Linyi China) – A study group consisting of members of Linyi Municipal Party Committee paid business visit to Shanghai on Sep. 5. Aiming at promoting the communication and cooperation between Linyi and Shanghai, the study group made the three-day visit to Shanghai a fruitful negotiation on investment for industry, talents and capital in Linyi.

Guided with “8+8” Industry Incubation Programme proposed by Linyi’s leading group, the study tour invited over 150 guests from Shanghai and well developed regions of the Yangtze delta area having clear intends of investing in Linyi, including heads of China’s Top 500 Enterprises and famous scholars from colleges and institutes.  

The three-day study tour ended with fruitful achievements: total investment of 22.49 billion yuan were unanimously agreed to spend in Linyi to build up 38 projects of business and 10 projects of intelligence development.

Wang Yujun, Secretary of Linyi Municipal Party Committee attended and addressed the negotiation conference. Meng Qingbin, Vice Secretary of Linyi Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Linyi City hosted the conference. Chairman of the Linyi Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Xu Tao and Minister of Publicity Department of Linyi Municipal Party Committee Zhang Hongwei attended the negotiation conference.