Internationally influential Yellow River cultural tourism belt to develop

The third session of the 13th CPC Shandong Provincial People’s Congress kicked off on January 18, 2020, in Jinan, Shandong Province. Gong Zheng, governor of Shandong Province delivered a report on the work of the government on behalf of the provincial government. The report proposed that Shandong will promote the ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin.

To be a bellwether of the ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, Shandong should give priority to ecological development and green development, strengthen comprehensive protection of the land along the Yellow River, take serious measures to the systematic management of the water body, the river bank, the estuary and the ancient riverbed of the Yellow River, implement the restoration project of the wetland ecosystem in the Yellow River Delta, make more efforts to build Dongying Estuary Wetland and Jiqi Wetland, ensure high standards for the flood control project in the lower reaches of the Yellow River and the housing project in the Dongping Lake flood detention basin, build the Yellow River Delta Modern Technological Innovation Center, plan and build ecological corridors stretching thousands of miles, and stay committed to green, sustainable and high-quality development.

Shandong will also implement the Yellow River cultural heritage protection project to create an internationally influential Yellow River cultural tourism belt.

According to the report, Shandong will give full play to the leading role of the city cluster on the Shandong Peninsula, deepen exchanges and cooperation with the provinces along the Yellow River, explore to establish the regional cooperation mechanism, build convenient access to the sea, and lead the way in opening up the Yellow River basin to the outside world and high-quality development.

Source: sdchina.com