Linyi's medical workers leave for Wuhan to aid novel coronavirus fight

Linyi, Jan. 29 -- The second batch of medical team of Linyi City consists of 6 people set off to Wuhan from Mengyin People’s Hospital on the morning of Jan 28 in Linyi City, east China's Shandong province. Two days ago, Linyi sent the first batch of medical team with 4 members to Hubei Province to aid novel coronavirus fight.

In accordance with the requirements of the national and provincial health authorities, members of Linyi’s medical team are mainly from the department of critical care medicine, and will act in alliance with medical team of Shandong Province.

Reportedly, the third batch of medical team of Shandong province set off to Hebei from Jinan Yaoqiang Airport on the afternoon of Feb 2 in Jinan. The medical team is composed of 121 people, with 118 medical personnel and three staff members of the provincial health authorities. The medical staff, including 18 physicians and 100 nurses, are from 18 provincial and university affiliated hospitals of Shandong province.

People in Linyi and Hubei will join hands to overcome difficulties and resolutely win the fight against the epidemic. 

Issued in Linyi Daily on January 29.