Linyi's bus companies adopt new transport mode amid the epidemic

Taking a bus in Linyi City you need to go through a series of procedures such as temperature-taking, disinfection and registration. To better meet the demand of epidemic prevention and control as well as travelling, bus companies in  Linyi adopt a new mode of multi-frequency and carrying less passengers.

At present, most of the enterprises in the zone have resumed work and the flow of personnel gradually increased. Bus companies in the zone flexibly formulate the schedule to ensure that the load rate of each bus not exceeding 50%. "We strengthen the transport capacity and shorten the departure interval based on the passenger flow, " said people in charge of a bus company.

"We do more to increase the safety factor; we do our best to ensure the healthy and safety of passengers during travelling," said a security inspector of a bus company. Bus staff members are stationed on the west square of  Linyi North Railway Station to take the temperature of passengers. Passengers with abnormal temperature will be remained for observation. "We provide free hand sanitizer, spread the knowledge of epidemic prevention, and ask passengers to keep the bus windows open, keep distance and sit every other row while taking the bus."

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, buses are equipped with disposable gloves, 84 disinfectant diluted in safe proportion and hand sanitizer. Buses are disinfected and ventilated and the temperature of each driver are taken and recorded after completing every route.