Restriction on household registration for college students and graduates lifted

Affected by the pandemic, the employment situation for college graduates is even more severe this year. Recently, 13 departments of Shandong province jointly released a notification to promote work related to the employment of college graduates in 2020, requiring cities to strictly implement the territorial responsibility and colleges to give priority to the employment of their graduates so as to guarantee the employment level of students to graduate this year.

To strengthen the introduction of talents, Shandong has fully lifted restrictions on household registration for college students and graduates this year. College students and graduates can apply for residence before getting a job in all the16 cities of the province.

Shandong has made all-out efforts to broaden employment channels: expanding the enrollment of postgraduates, increasing the number to no less than 32,000; applying for national support to tap the potential of colleges and universities in Shandong, and expanding the enrollment of university students; strengthening the recruitment of teachers for primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens; supporting and encouraging normal university graduates to engage in education and teaching.

State-owned enterprises are urged to recruit more graduates this year and next year, with the proportion of graduates no less than 50 percent.

From March 11 to December 31, 2020, small, medium and micro enterprises will be granted with a maximum one-time employment subsidy of 1,000 yuan for recruiting each graduate and signing a labor contract for more than one year.

In terms of encouraging community-level employment, the recruitment of grassroots service projects will be further increased this year and next year, with the "Western Plan" to enlist 900 people and the "Three supports and one assistance" to enlist 2,000.

Grassroots organs will expand the recruitment of graduates and organs below the county level will employ around 1,000 graduates this year.

The proportion of the new recruits of college students and graduates will rise to 80 percent and 25 percent respectively.

According to the notification, the province supports innovation and entrepreneurship. Departments of all levels of the province will coordinate the existing capital policies to support at least 20,000 graduates to start their own businesses within five years after graduation. The scale of internship is set to be expanded and no less than 30,000 students will be organized to work on probation in 2020.

College graduates from Hubei province are encouraged to work and start their own businesses in Shandong, and 1,000 yuan of one-time subsidies will be provided for each of them.