Linyi calls for reduction in rent burden of kindergartens

Affected by the COVID-19, kindergartens in many places are struggling to operate. Shandong Provincial Education Department, Shandong Development and Reform Commission, and Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a special notice on reducing the housing rent burden of public kindergartens and inclusive private kindergartens and strengthening support to kindergartens from many other aspects.

In terms of reducing the rent of kindergarten property, Linyi has formulated corresponding support policies according to the property ownership nature. If the houses rented by public kindergartens and inclusive kindergartens are owned by government organs, public institutions, military units, stated-owned and stated-holding enterprises, state-owned enterprises actually controlled by the state (including the central enterprises), and collective business properties, the kindergartens can enjoy the exemption from real estate rent in the first quarter of this year and half of the real estate rent in the second quarter. If the lessor does not offer reduction or exemption according to the policy, the leasee can report to the asset supervisor unit, and the discipline inspection and supervision department at the same level.

For the public kindergartens and inclusive kindergartens that are not eligible for such rent reduction and exemption policies, Linyi allows kindergartens to use the public-expense subsidy for students to pay the rent during the epidemic. Based on the number of children in the kindergarten in January 2020 and the standard of no less than 710 yuan per year for each child, Shandong will allocate a lump-sum of public-expense subsidy for students from January to June in advance.

In addition, Linyi has also put forward clear support practices and requirements in the aspects of deferred payment of five social insurance and one housing fund, tax reduction and deferred payment, loan extension, etc. At the same time, the notice also requires to protect the legal rights and interests of faculty and staff, such as labor remuneration. That is to say, if the kindergarten arranges teachers and workers to provide normal work through telephone or Internet, the kindergarten shall pay them salaries according to the normal price of labor.