"Qilu" China Railway Express departs its 500th train

Qilu Europe-Asia Freight sets out from Linyi on April 8.

“Qilu” China Railway Express, operated by Shandong Hi-speed Group Co. Ltd., departed its 500th train this year on Tuesday, a 40 percent increase over the same period last year.

In the first four months of this year, the number of “Qilu” China Railway Express increased month by month, reflecting the sound resumption of work and production in the province and the gradual resumption of normal economic operation, said Ma Chunbo, general manager of Shandong Hi-speed “Qilu” China Railway Express Operation Co. Ltd.

The pandemic has caused a considerable impact on logistics and transportation. Shandong Hi-speed Group has launched such products as “Qilu” Japanese-South Korean land-sea railway line, “Qilu” Shandong-European railway express and “Qilu” SCO Rail Express to realize normal operation on a scheduled basis. Meanwhile, Shandong took the initiative to dock with foreign trade companies and launched 16 point-to-point customized trains for Haier, Sinotruck, Shandong Lingong and other enterprises.

Shandong Hi-speed Group also actively docks with Detie Logistics, TransContainer and other overseas institutions to increase the number of return trains. “Qilu” China Railway Express ran smoothly during the epidemic and has filled the shortage of international shipping and air transportation due to the impact of the epidemic.