Official departments join hands to promote vocational training in Linyi

Recently,8 provincial departments in Shandong province jointly issued the Notice on the Action Plan for Vocational Colleges and Universities to Fully Carry out Vocational Training and Promote Employment and Entreprenuership. Accordingly, municipal official departments in Linyi city join hands to promote vocational training.

The action plan aims to organize vocational colleges and universities to carry out extensive skills training for enterprise employees, employment and entrepreneurship training for key groups, and reemployment training for the unemployed, so as to help train reserve talents.

Vocational colleges and universities in various regions should attach great importance to vocational training, set up a school-running structure that attaches equal importance to vocational training and academic education as soon as possible, and improve their ability and level of serving development and promoting employment and entrepreneurship, the notice said. Human resources and social security departments and financial departments at all levels in the province should take full account of the training tasks undertaken by vocational colleges and universities to check and ratify the total amount and level of the performance pay, and timely check and increase the total amount of performance-based pay on the basis of the original amount for vocational colleges and universities with heavy tasks. Vocational colleges and universities are allowed to include a certain proportion of the training income into their public funds. The provincial department of education will collect training intentions and advantages from vocational colleges, and compile and release the training catalogue of vocational colleges in the prov