Daily passenger exceeds 6000 at Linyi International Airport


    Affected by the downturn in tourism since the outbreak of COVID-19, Linyi International Airport’s daily passenger throughput reaches 6383 for the first time on July 10. Meanwhile, the first flight from Shenzhen to Dalian via Linyi run by Boeing 737-800 of Shenzhen Donghai Airlines takes off, thanks to the active coordination between Linyi International Airport and other airlines. Flight schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, Monday and Sunday.

    To ensure the normal operation of flights and satisfy high demands on travelling during air transportation seasons, Linyi International Airport spares no efforts to optimize all kinds of services. The operation of new opening routes offer more choices and more effective services on leisure tourism or business travels to citizens and contribute to the local economic development.

    Tourists are warned to keep up with the latest flight information before travels, according to Linyi Civil Aviation. Coordinating with other airlines, some flights launches preferential priceswhich aim at individual traveler and advanced tickets. For details, please contact 9600777.


Editor:Su Hongyu