Total value of Linyi’s total foreign trades is 40.53 billion yuan in the first six months

    Linyi Customs held a press conference to inform statistics related to foreign trade in the first half of 2020 in Linyi, east's China's Shandong Province on July 16

    According to the press, Linyi’s foreign trade hit 40.53 billion yuan with year on year increase of 13.8 percent. Besides, trade deficit goes up 8 percent to 26.19 billion yuan in the first half of 2020.

    Linyi’s foreign trade is characterized by the general trade in principal trade, though there is a small drop in general trade in the first half of year. Instead, there are significant increase in both market purchase and processing trade. Private enterprises also show a huge increase in trade. As for trade partners, South Korean remains the largest trading partner of Linyi City with trade volume of 8.95 billion yuan, followed by ASEAN with trade volume of 6.76 billion yuan, EU with trade volume of 4.01 billion yuan and other Belt and Road countries with trade volume of 14.79 billion yuan.

    To spare no effort to improve trade development in Linyi City, major industries and enterprises take priority of AEO certification. For those registered enterprises, customs clearances are greatly simplified. To ensure timely clearance of goods during COVID-19, enterprises can obtain the certificate by the whole process of electronic application of international trade and self-printing. Besides, in special period, the financial pressure of enterprises are effectively alleviated by expanding the scope of customhouse bonds insurance.

Editor:Su Hongyu