Promotion Conference on development of red cultural tourism in Lunan economic circle hold in Linyi

    Promotion Conference on development of red(revolutionary) cultural tourism in Lunan economic circle holds in Linyi, east China’s Shandong Province on July 23.

    Zhang Yulan, deputy mayor of Linyi City, presides over the meeting and gives a speech.

    To deeply implement the Guidelines Opinions on Accelerating Economic Integration of Lunan Region, the promotion conference discuss protections of red cultural resources and development of red tourisms, while COVID-19 is controlled in a positive direction. Consequently, cities located in the Lunan economic circle, Zaozhuang, Jining, Linyi and Heze, sign the Framework Agreement on Lunan Economic Circle Cooperation on Cultural Tourism and form an alliance for cultural tourism.

    Making up a third part of the population in Shandong Province, Lunan economic circle is determined to be the significant region in coordinate development of regional economy. As four adjacent cities with similar humanistic history background, these four cities cross the region barriers and continue integration of resources.

Editor:Su Hongyu