B2B helps cross-border e-commerce to boom in Linyi

Export commodities including stationery, hardware, clothing and other goods from six local enterprises passed through customs at the Cross-border E-commerce Supervision Center of Linyi on September 1.

Accounting for 72.74 percent with total value of 1.28 million dollars, Linyi topped Shandong in B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce exports. The goods were sent to overseas warehouses in Germany, Hungary, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and other places.

B2B e-commerce exports are either direct exports of goods from domestic businesses to overseas businesses via cross-border logistics based on deals made through a cross-border e-commerce platform, or goods exported by a domestic company to an overseas warehouse, from which the goods will be delivered to overseas buyers based on deals made over a cross-border e-commerce platform.

E-commerce B2B exports will be given various forms of support, including onetime registration, streamlined declarations, expedited and low-cost clearance services, and prior inspection and customs transit services.

The new model simplifies the declaration process, improves the efficiency of customs clearance, and reduces operational costs, which is conducive to the export of goods.