Industrial Internet development to gain increasing support

Circular on Certain Measures for Accelerating the Development of Industrial Internet was interpreted at a newly held press conference. The Circular was issued in order to promote the innovation and development of Industrial Internet and cultivate the industrial ecology of Industrial Internet with Shandong characteristics.

Through upgrading existing networks and building new-type ones, Shandong is to build a “four-layer network” system, comprising backbone network with ultra-large capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability, secondary backbone networks and urban networks that meet public needs such as industrial interconnection and government-enterprise interconnection, and high-quality industrial park network that meets the enterprises’ needs such as remote operation and maintenance and visual inspection.

Meanwhile, Shandong will promote backbone enterprises to take the lead in the transformation and upgrading of "5G+Industrial Internet" and create typical good examples that can be replicated and promoted. It will also encourage more industries and regions to give full play to their industrial and economic advantages, build and operate a batch of high-quality secondary nodes for identity resolution, strengthen the in-depth integration of identification and application scenarios, and provide support for enterprises’ supply chain management, product traceability and life cycle management, etc.