High-quality commodity grain available in market

Press conference to brief on the current high-quality development of grain industry was held in Shandong in late Sept.  According to the press conference, in recent years, grain commodity rate in has remained at around 70%; more than 35 million tons of commodity grain is provided to the market every year.

With warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate, Linyi has light condition that is suitable for the growth of grain crops. As China's third-largest major grain-producing province and grain production base, Shandong is rich in grain and oil resources. The output and quality of crops such as wheat, corn, and peanut rank among the top in the country.

Over the years, Shandong’s grain yield has been high, with the planting area stabilized at about 6.67 million hectares. The total output has been above 50 million tons for six consecutive years. The annual output of peanuts has exceeded 2.5 million tons, accounting for 16% of the country