Shandong to build green communities

  • 7 departments including the housing and urban-rural construction department of Shandong province jointly issued a notification to officially start a province-wide construction of green communities in counties and cities.

    According to the notification, by the end of 2021, more than 30% of the province's urban communities will participate in the initiative and meet the construction requirements; by the end of 2022, over 60% of urban communities will meet the requirements, basically fostering a clean, comfortable, safe and beautiful community living environment.

    The concept of green development will run through the whole process of community design, construction, management and service. The construction of green community involves 16 criteria in five aspects.

    As for the greening of community infrastructure, the province will combine the work of clean heating and the renovation of old urban residential areas to promote the energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings in communities, popularize the market-oriented energy-saving management mode such as contractual energy management, and guide social capital to participate in the energy-saving operation of buildings.

    The province will encourage the use of green building materials in community reconstruction and upgrading, and take the lead to use these materials in government-funded projects. A rational allocation of parking and charging facilities is proposed so as to optimize the parking management, giving priority to the safe charging of electric bicycles.

    Property service enterprises are required to vigorously develop both online and offline community services and promote the intelligent upgrading of access control management, parking management, monitoring of public areas and supervision of public service facilities. Culture of green community is expected to be cultivated, encouraging residents to choose a green lifestyle.