Annual investment target for key projects fulfilled ahead of time

In 2020, an investment of 310.97 billion yuan has been completed in total in 326 projects in Shandong throughout the year. Among these, 245, or 99.2% of the 247 construction projects have been started, with an investment of 293.59 billion yuan completed, 41.7 percentage points higher than the annual plan. 15 of the 79 preparation projects have been started, with an investment of 17.38 billion yuan completed.

According to Shandong Development and Reform Commission, in 2020, the Commission had been promoting the construction of major projects as an important means to stimulate fixed asset investment and stabilize investment confidence, striving to overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic, innovating working methods, improving coordination mechanisms, enhancing service measures, and accelerating the implementation of major provincial projects.

Annual investment plans of provincial major construction projects have been finished ahead of schedule in all the 16 cities in Shandong as well as in all the four major areas. The completed investment in major infrastructure projects, major industrial projects, major platform projects, and major livelihood projects reached 125.56 billion yuan, 120.89 billion yuan, 24.69 billion yuan, 22.45 billion yuan respectively, which are 22.6, 65.6, 37.9, and 61.4 percentage points respectively over the annual plan.