Consumer demands in counties and townships rise in recent years

In recent years, residents in counties and townships have shown constantly growing desire for consumption in China, injecting fresh vitality into the continuous consumption growth in the country, which has more than 2,000 counties and 35,000 townships.

With increasing income, residents in rural areas of China have gained stronger spending power. According to official statistics, the gap between urban and rural incomes has continued to narrow in China over recent years, when the growth rates of rural residents’ income and consumption have both outpaced that of urban residents.

Last year, the per capita disposable income of China’s rural residents stood at 17,131 yuan (about $2,653.59), registering an actual growth rate that was 2.6 percentage points higher than that of the country’s urban residents.

The per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents in China was 13,713 yuan, and secured an actual growth rate that was 5.9 percentage points higher than that of urban residents in the country.

Last year, the number of orders for goods priced above 500 yuan rose by 79 percent year on year in counties and townships in China, while product categories including home textiles, digital products, and outdoor products enjoyed an over 140 percent growth in value of sales, according to data from Pinduoduo.

Intelligent household electrical appliances and general merchandise on the platform have been popular with consumers in China’s counties and townships.