2021 Spring Festival travels in numbers

This year's travel rush, also known as chunyun, started on January 28 and ends on March 8. Chunyun begins 15 days before the Spring Festival and lasts for 40 days. 

The ongoing epidemic has obstructed family reunions for two consecutive years and slowed down the travel rush. 

Statistics from China's Ministry of Transport (MOT) show that a total of over 335 million passenger trips have been made so far, around 73 percent down from the same period last year, before the coronavirus epidemic broke out across the country.

The ministry expected a total of 1.7 billion trips during the travel rush, 10 percent higher than that of 2020. The number is still approximately 60 percent of the pre-pandemic years.

The peak travel time among the first half of the Spring Festival rush came before the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve, according to data from MOT. The busiest day of both 2020 and 2021 fell on the 13th day of the first 20 days, two days ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve. Around 20 million passenger trips were made on a single day this year. Yet, the number is only one-fourth of the trips made in the same period last year.

Road trips, as one of the most popular means of travel during the holiday season, sent more than 251 million people home for reunions, accounting for approximately three fourths of the total trips. On the peak travel day among the first half of the travel rush, 14 million people traveled by road and 4.5 million people by railways.

Source: CGTN