2 Linyi villages listed as national eco-cultural villages

Ankang Village of Taoxu Town of Mengyin County of Linyi City listed as national eco-cultural village.

Recently, the China Eco-culture Association issued a circular to promote the advanced construction experience of 128 eco-cultural villages, among which 2 villages (communities) in Linyi City and 7 in Shandong Province were on the list.

The seven villages (communities) in Shandong are the No.2 Damawan Village of Jiaodong Sub-district Office of Jiaozhou City, Dongya Village of Jinshan Town of Linzi District of Zibo City, Zhangzhuang Village of Shagou Town of Xuecheng District of Zaozhuang City, Linfeng Village of Tianhuang Town of Zoucheng City, Yandunjiao Community of Lidao Town of Rongcheng City, Fozhu Village of Shuanghou Town of Yinan County and Ankang Village of Taoxu Town of Mengyin County of Linyi City. A total of 48 villages (communities) in Shandong province have been selected since the first national selection of eco-cultural villages in 2009.

Linyi has been actively carrying out the selection activity and vigorously publicizing the practice and experience of eco-cultural villages, so as to promote the smooth implementation of the activity and make contributions to the construction of Beautiful Shandong and rural revitalization.