Linyi achieves good harvest of summer grain

Linyi saw a good harvest of summer grain crops this year, with its total output setting a new record, according to local official of agriculture and rural affairs.

A reaper harvests wheat in the fields of Pingyi County, Linyi City, east China's Shandong Province.

Summer grains are the first part of the entire year's grain production, and Linyi's success lays a solid foundation for the target of keeping the annual grain output above 4.16 million tons. The bumper summer grain harvest represents our combined efforts.

There are two factors behind the bumper harvest. Firstly, Linyi introduced issued a series of supportive policies to effectively boost farmers' incentives for growing grain. Furthermore, the area of summer grains rose greatly, reversing the trend of decline for four consecutive years.

Secondly, various localities have ramped up the construction of high-standard farmland, rationally allocated fertilizers and water, and strengthened technical guidance. As a result, the yield is expected to increase by 3 kg per mu.

Based on this, counties and districts in Linyi are pleased with summer grain harvest this year.

Ma disclosed that the wheat grown on the more than 400 mu of land he contracted grew particularly well, with a yield of 431.16 kg per mu, an increase of about 0.9 percent over last year, and the purchase price of wheat is 2.5 yuan ($0.38) per kg, which is also much higher than that of last year.