Shandong sees a big increase in online retail sales during “Double 11” shopping festival

From November 6th to 11th, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, together with Dazhong Press Group and Unipay Shandong Branch, held an event to promote the e-commerce consumption. Through the financial subsidy of Unipay, e-commerce live-streaming, short video and other marketing measures, the sales volume of “Double 11” shopping festival in Shandong province realized a significant increase.

During the “Double 11” shopping festival this year, the online retail sales of Shandong province reached 45.49 billion yuan, up 41.6% year on year, of which the online retail sales of physical commodities reached 42.5 billion yuan, up 44.1% year on year. The top three cities in online retail sales are Qingdao, Jinan and Linyi, with the online retail sales of 22.36 billion yuan, 8.64 billion yuan and 2.46 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 49.1%, 19% and 5.4% of total online retail sales of the province. The top three physical goods in online retail sales are household appliances and audio and video equipment, clothing, shoes, hats and needles, and grain, oil and food, accounting for 40.4%, 9.5% and 9.1% of the total online retail sales respectively. There were 74 enterprises with online retail sales of more than 10 million yuan, and Haier Group Ecommerce Co. Ltd. ranked first with an online retail sale of 2.18 billion yuan. The online retail sales of 96 stores each exceeded 10 million yuan, with Haier's official flagship store ranking first with 1.41 billion yuan in online retail sales.