Opening Ceremony of Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival

Opening Ceremony of Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival


As the hometown of the Calligraphy Sage, Wang Xizhi, Linyi, in September 2003, held the First Calligraphy Cultural Festival at his 1700th anniversary to promote Linyi’s cultural brand of Calligraphy Sage's Hometown. Since then, the Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival was held annually in September in Linyi.

The Festival was ranked among “50 Top Festivals in China” and the former residence of Wang Xizhi became the best place for people to gain insights into the history of Calligraphy Art. By now, the Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival is among the “Top 10 Potentially Strong Festivals” and the “Top 10 Cultural & Artistic Festivals”, becoming one of the most important cultural festivals in China.