2015 China Linyi International Sourcing Conference was hosted

Wei Huaxiang, Vice Mayor of Linyi Municipal Government, delivered a speech at 2015 China (Linyi) International Sourcing Conference.

Linyi, Oct.19 (Linyi China) – 2015 China (Linyi) International Sourcing Conference was held at Linyi International Convention & Exhibition Center in Linyi City, East China’s Shandong Province on Oct. 18. Leaders attending the conference are: Mr. Li Xingyu, vice chairman of Shandong Overseas Chinese Federation, Ms. Liu Aili, member of the Standing Committee of China Overseas Chinese Federation, Mr. Wei Huaxiang, vice mayor of Linyi Municipal Government. Mr. Pater Elnor, chairman of Sino-Hungary Chamber of Commerce of Economy delivered a speech at the conference.

With the theme of “Building a market purchase platform to promote international trade cooperation”, the conference invites some leaders and representatives of the purchasers. After the conference, purchasers and suppliers conducted negotiations and communications with each other.

Purchasers and suppliers conducted negotiations and communications with each other at the conference.

Focused on strategies of “Belt and Road Initiative” and the international cooperation of production capacity, the sponsor of this conference Linyi Trade Promotion Committee did a great job in expanding marketing network and enlarging market share. Based on these efforts, they will take the international sourcing conference as a platform and grasp this opportunity to build a comprehensive information service network, such as, data retrieval, information consultation, to provide services to the enterprises.

As an important program of China Linyi International Trade & Logistics Fair, the International Sourcing Conference has been successfully held for 5 consecutive years, which plays an important role in advancing the internationalization of Linyi trading complex, and promoting the exchange and cooperation between purchasers and suppliers at home and abroad.

Nigerian Television Authority covered the conference on the scene.

In particular, Nigerian Television Authority covered the conference on the scene. Ms. Julietta Aina, Bureau Chief in China of the Television had an interview with Mr. Pater Elnor after his speech.