Dong Chuang Kuai Xu (a good son-in-low)

Xi Jian (a high-ranking officer of Eastern Jin Dynasty) wanted to choose a right son-in-low from the boys of Wang’s family that were both talented and good-looking, so he sent his disciple to Wang’s home to have a look at the young fellows. When the disciple went back, he told Xi Jian that all the young men in Wang’s family were elegant and dignified except for one lying on bed causally in the east wing, eating a cake while showing his belly. “That’s him! He is my good son-in-low!” said Xi Jian. Later on Xi Jian found that the fellow lay on bed was Wang Xizhi, afterwards he married his daughter Xi Rui to Wang Xizhi. Therefore Wang Xizhi became a famous good son-in-low (Dong Chuang Kuai Xu in Chinese).