Zhu Shan Ti Zi (write on bamboo fans)

Once upon a time, Wang Xizhi met a granny selling bamboo fans when he passed a bridge in Shanyin (namely Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province now). The bamboo fans were so simply made that nobody wanted to buy them. Wang felt sympathy with the granny, he said to the granny, “Your fans are too plain and nobody wants to buy it, do you mind me writing some words on your fans to decorate them?” The granny assented to his proposal. Then he wrote several characters with his writing brush slid lively and vigorously looked like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing. But the granny thought his handwriting was hasty and illegible, “Don’t worry, just tell the buyers that the characters were written by Wang Youjun (another name of Wang).” said Wang Xizhi. Shortly afterwards, all the bamboo fans were sold out.