Abacus Arithmetic Sage: Liu Hong

 Portrait of Abacus Arithmetic Sage Liu Hong.


 Abacus invented by Liu Hong 

Liu Hong, born in Mengyin, Taishan Prefecture (presently the territory of Mengyin County, Linyi City, East China's Shandong Province) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He published Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art and created the “Qianxiang Calendar”, which is the first lunar calendar with the introduction of non-uniformity of the moon and has been handed down from ancient times. The calendar earned him great reputation and he was honored by later generations’ calendar workers.

In December 2013, abacus arithmetic, one of the five inventions in China, has been enrolled as the directory of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage. Mengyin is the source of abacus arithmetic and Liu Hong is regarded as Abacus Arithmetic Sage.