Calligraphy Sage Calligraphy Exhibition is set as permanent cultural brand

Linyi, Sep. 3, 2016 (Linyi China) –To mark the 1713th birthday of Calligraphy Sage Wang Xizhi, The 14th China Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival is held in Linyi from 3-9 September. Amid the cultural festival, a variety of calligraphy exhibitions will be arranged, accounting for a fairly great part of the festival.

In order to improve the quality of China Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival and develop a domestically famous calligraphy brand, a permanent cultural brand named Calligraphy Sage Calligraphy Exhibition will be established during the 14th CLCSCF.

By holding the annual China Linyi Calligraphy Sage Cultural Festival, Linyi has been working to introduce its historical sites such as Residence of Wang XiZhi, Calligraphy Sage Pavilion and Calligraphy Square to the world, making itself the shrine for calligraphy enthusiasts at home and abroad. Additionally, two high-end cultural brands named Shrine of Calligraphy and Hometown of Wang Xizhi are waiting to enjoy their widespread reputation after the far-reaching and profound cultural festival.