6th Lanling Vegetable Industry Expo opened on Thursday

Lanling National Agricultural Park 

Linyi, April 10 (Linyi China) – Press and visitors witnessed the grand opening ceremony of 6th Lanling Vegetable Industry Expo at Lanling National Agricultural Park, Lanling County, Linyi City, East China’s Shandong Province on April 12. The four-week expo attract thousands of participants at the opening day.

Reportedly, a wide range of exhibition items engaged in agriculture will be exhibited at the 6th LVIE, for example, agricultural achievements of countries along Belt & Road, new vegetable varieties, high-technology agricultural achievements from home and abroad, production and processing of agricultural products, manufacture of farm machineries, equipments, and supplies, newly developed fertilizers and pesticides, gardening equipments, food safety testers, packaging materials, and so forth.

Blessed with vast land and ample resources, Lanling County is affluent in agricultural products. Supported by about 75,000 hectares of planting area with yearly vegetable output of over 4.1 million tons, Lanling is domestically reputed as Hometown of Vegetables, Hometown of Garlic, Hometown of Burdock, Hometown of Edible Fungus, Vegetable Garden in South Shandong, China’s Top 10 Counties for Vegetable Industry, National Demonstration Zone for Safety of Export Foods and Agricultural Products, and National Model County for Agriculture and Rural Tourism.

Lanling National Agricultural Park