Flowers in greenhouse help raise income

Photo by Wu Wang Chu Xin from bbs.langya.cn

Linyi, March 8 (Linyi China) -- People take selfie among African daisy inside a greenhouse in a small village named Shalingzi in Wanggou Town, Lanshan District, Linyi City, east China's Shandong Province. To raise income of native farmers living in poverty, a series of projects focus on targeted poverty alleviation were launched by local government.

As a former poverty-stricken village assessed by Shandong Province, Shalingzi has been working to introduce a series of measures to develop local economy by integrating tourism industry and agricultural products. Based on their unremitting hard work, per capita incomes rose by 2028 yuan and whole village's income increased by 30,000 yuan. Besides, 27 people from 15 families were lifted out of poverty and backwardness.