China Recommendation: Welcome to hospitable Linyi

“People all say Yimeng mountain is good, Yimeng mountain has beautiful scenery... ”

This famous song, Ditty of Mount Yimeng, is popular around the world. It was rated as an excellent Chinese folk song by UNESCO. The beautiful scenery on Yimeng mountain describe in the song is in Linyi city, Shandong Province.

Yan’an in Shandong

During the War times, Linyi was known as Yan’an in Shandong. Here founded the first provincial government led by the communist party of China--Shandong provincial government. In 1947, Menglianggu Campaign was launched here, becoming a classic example of the “less people win, weak win”, and booming military history of the world. A large number of pioneering figures such as "Yimeng red spouse, Yimeng mother, six sisters of Yimeng" emerged here, which gave birth to the great Yimeng spirit of "in complete harmony, go through thick and thin together". Today, Linyi has become a famous red tourism city and an important party education base.

In Linyi, you can feel the modern inheritance of the red gene.

Historical Records Full of Saints 

Linyi is the core area of Dongyi culture, has a history of 3,000 years as a city. Many well-known persons were born here, such as Zhuge Liang (wisdom sage), Wang Xizhi(calligrapher sage) and Yan Zhenqing (the great calligraphers). Walking in the Former Residence of Wang Xizhi, enjoy his works of handwriting, you can go back to Eastern Jin and talk to calligrapher sage. Stop near ink wash pond, as if still can smell the ink.

In April 1972, the bamboo slips of “The Art of War”and “The Art of War of Sun Bin” were unearthed at the same time in the han tomb in Yinqiu mountain, which shocked around the world, solved the question of whether Sun Tzu and Sun Bin really both exist and whether they had books of war handed down for thousands of years.  

In Linyi, you can have a research trip. 

Extremely Skillful Yimeng Mountain

Yimeng mountain in Linyi is the World Geopark, national 5A-level tourism scenic spots. It has the reputation of “natural oxygen bar” and “longevity mountain”. Daigu landform is unique and rare, is the fifth largest geological landform in China. Yi River is one of China’s most beautiful rivers, which gave birth to a land and water in Linyi, and created the "blue Yi water" wonders. Hot spring as in fairyland flows for thousands of years, Tangtou hot spring is one of the four first class natural hot springs in China. Here also have the fantastic underground canyon.

In Linyi, you can enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature. 

Pure And Simple Countryside Customs

It's a picturesque place with four distinct seasons. Here has Zhuqun Village, one of China's top ten most beautiful villages, Wander in ancient villages like peach blossoms, you can see mountains, springs, bamboos, and villages, and feel the comfortable life of villagers. Walk in Chunshu Gou, you can roll a freshly baked pancake, with the flowing stream, taste the pure and simple of Yimeng mountain village.

In Linyi, you can enjoy charming rural and peace of mind. 

Famous Ecological Water City Of North China

The city is developing every day with downtown areas surrounded by rivers. "Six rivers through, eight water around the city", "a green city with half city river". Riverside scenic spot through the city "although man-made, just like natural".

In Linyi, you can get a close-up of wetland scenery with birds and water plants in the city.  

Linyi is a city well-known for its market and logistics. We have well-developed trade and logistics and attract merchants doing business here. Linyi mall has become the largest market cluster with logistics network all over the country. Spread out the map, Linyi like a phoenix spread wings to fly. Today, with the phoenix nirvana, with reform and opening up, Linyi is making new achievements with new doing.

Here, on behalf of the 11.8 million people of Linyi, I sincerely invite friends from home and abroad to Linyi.

Hospitable China, hospitable Shandong, hospitable Linyi welcomes you!