Floral art of Minor Cold: To add some warmth in your winter

The temperature in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere has plunged as "Minor Cold" is around the corner.

"Minor Cold," or "Xiao Han" in Chinese, is the fifth solar term in winter. The average temperature in China's capital Beijing at this time of year is usually around negative five degrees Celsius, while in northeast China, it could plunge to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

With the chilling weather outside, sitting in a cozy chair and designing some floral miniascapes is perhaps a good way to spend a winter day.

Whenever talking about flowers in winter, Chimonanthus praecox or Wintersweet is the first choice popping up in many people's minds. The petals of the Chimonanthus praecox look very smart and cute. They represent the vitality in the cold winter. 

The petals of the Chimonanthus praecox. 

When it comes to Magnolia denudate, Ran actually used its branches as she believes they represent another kind of beauty in winter. Only in winter can we see clearly the branches of the Magnolia denudate. The branches themselves are very beautiful.

The branches of Magnolia denudate.

The last two flowers were chosen to add some atmosphere of warmth to the whole design. The heavenly bamboo or Nandina is green in summer but turns to red from when winter comes. The Pieris japonica, which looks "thick and solid," is a good choice of embellishment.

Even though temperatures plunge at this time, spring is not far away. For Chinese people, this time of year also sees preparation for the most important festival of the year: the Spring Festival.