Bilingual | Weekly Bulletins(1.12-1.19)

▲The 2020 Linyi Spring Festival Web Gala, produced by Integrated Media Center of Linyi Daily Press Group with theme of Chasing Dreams in Linyi Style, met the audience this Sunday evening on multiple mobile app IN LINYI and web platform LANGYA NEWS, in celebration ofthe Chinese New Year. Linyi Daily Press Group has hosted the Spring Festival Web Galafor eight years in succession.

The gala, widely regarded as a grand carnival for Linyi’s netizens, presents hot issues, popular songs, street dance and trendy lines on social media through cutting edge technology, stunning stage designs, and creative performance forms. With their monthly exquisitely prepared works, over 350 staff created a superb two-hour performance.

1月19日晚, 由临沂日报报业集团主办、临报融媒承办的“逐梦临沂,时代风范”——2020临沂市第八届网络春晚在齐鲁园广场盛大举行。晚会还通过临报融媒旗下 “在临沂”APP、琅琊新闻网进行全网同步直播。炫酷街舞、抖音歌曲串烧等精彩节目相继上演,抖音网红、草根明星等热门“红人”轮番登台,整场晚会群众性、参与性超强, 350余人的演出队伍奉献了一台长达120分钟的精彩演出。

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