2020 Spring Festival Web Gala greets Linyi

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the 2020 Linyi Spring Festival Web Gala, produced by Integrated Media Center of Linyi Daily Press Group with theme of Chasing Dreams in Linyi Style, met the audience at Qiluyuan Square, Linyi City, east China's Shandong Province this Sunday evening. With Live on multiple mobile app IN LINYI and web platform LANGYA NEWS, Linyi Daily Press Group has hosted the Spring Festival Web Gala for eight years in succession.

The gala, widely regarded as a grand carnival for Linyi’s netizens, presents hot issues, popular songs, street dance and trendy lines on social media through cutting edge technology, stunning stage designs, and creative performance forms. With their monthly exquisitely prepared works, over 350 staff created a superb two-hour performance.

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