Yimeng pancake: essence of the culinary style of Northeast China

Long renowned for being salty and heavily-sauced, Lu cuisine from Shandong province is one of the eight main cooking styles found in China. 

Zhang Xiangdong, executive chef of a restaurant specializing in Lu cuisine, believes that the origins of Lu cuisine derive from the complex dishes developed by private chefs hired to work in the mansions of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) officials combined with the seafood dishes found on the Jiaodong Peninsula.

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All the dishes at Lu Style typically capture the essence of the culinary style of Northeast China-and Yimeng pancake with six sauces is just one example.

The six types of sauces are specialties from six regions of Shandong province-fried shrimp from Rizhao; a sauce made from the tender leaves of Chinese toon from Linyi; Spanish mackerel sauce from Weihai; chili sauce from Heze; minced salt and sesame sauce from Zaozhuang; and sliced pickles from Jining.

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