Spring Equinox:a balanced bite for spring

24 Solar Terms: Things you may not know about the Spring Equinox - Chinadaily.com.cn

The most vibrant days of Spring has come, as Friday marks the Chunfen, or Vernal Equinox on the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Spring Equinox signals the equal length of the day and night time. On the day of the Spring Equinox, sun is directly above the equator. After the equinox, the sun moves northwards, resulting in gradually longer day time in the Northern Hemisphere and longer night in the Southern Hemisphere.

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms. The Spring Equinox (Chinese: 春分), as the fourth term of the year starts on March 20 and ends on April 4 this year.

Following are things you need to know about the Spring Equinox.

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