Guidelines on wearing masks on a regular basis

According to the guidelines for the public to wear masks on a regular basis issued by Shandong province, Linyi identifies the following 6 situations for wearing masks:

I. Circumstance in which masks should be worn

People with respiratory symptoms such as fever and dry cough or who have contact with such individuals

COVID-19 patients who are quarantined (at home) or discharged from hospital or who have contact with such individuals

People who goes to hospital or visit and care for patients

During the epidemic prevention and control period, inbound travelers should wear masks from the beginning of their entry to the end of quarantine

In crowded closed places and when in contact with others at a distance of less than 1 meter

Medics; salespersons, security guards, cleaners, drivers and passengers, service personnel at passenger terminals, police and other personnel working in confined public places

II. Circumstance in which masks are advocated

Public transport means and stations

In airports, railway stations, coach stations, ports, wharfs, bus stations, metro stations, and other public transport stations with dense population and frequent flow of people

Travelling by plane, train, bus, ship, taxi, subway and other public transportation.

Places densely populated

In shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other places with dense population and frequent flow of people

Visitors to old people’s homes, welfare houses, mental health institutes, prisons, detention houses and other places with dense population

Other circumstances

Industries, positions and situations where masks must be worn according to industry requirements;other situations where risk cannot be excluded

The public should carry disposable medical or surgical masks at all times.