Linyi in pics: Beautiful lotus flowers in Cailian Lake

    Various kinds of lotus come into bloom in Cailian Lake in Matou Town, Tancheng County, Linyi City, east China’s Shandong Province, attracting a large number of tourists and photographers. Over 26 hectares of lotus provide egrets and lxobrychus sinesis with adapted ecologic environment to live and brood. 

    Cailian Lake, with a long history, was recorded as early as Qing Dynasty. Emperor Qianlong was intoxicated with the scenic landscapes of lotus and granted the name of “Cailian”.

    In recent years, the local party committee and government have been speeding up the exploration of Cailian Lake and introducing various development forms including policies supporting, commercial investment and marketing operation. Besides, the local government has been sparing no efforts to set up a rural complex integrating agricultural product processing, tourism and entertainment. Based on this, rapid developments have been achieved in the second and the third industries, such as local delicacies and cultural and tourist products.

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Editor:Su Hongyu