Linyi in pics: Rural revitalization in Junan County

    All living things wildly vegetate vigorously in July in Junan County, Linyi City, east China’s Shandong Province. The fertile land bears hopes of good harvest here.

    Zhao Xiujie, the technical manager of Zhuang’s Modern Agricultural Demonstration Area, gives a rough estimate of proceeds from a watermelon greenhouse. As one of thousands of new-type economic corporations, Zhuang’s Modern Agricultural Demonstration Area leads villagers to increase the production and income.

    In recent years, Junan County has been unswervingly implementing the agricultural supply side reform and emphasizing the construction of rural complex . By cultivating new type main farm crops, improving rural environment and increasing farmers’ income, Junan County has been ramping up its efforts to set up a provincial–known model county of rural revitalization with famous farming products.

    Covering over 666 square kilometers with grain crops, it has shaped 413 square kilometers foundations of feature agriculture, including foundations of peanut, fruit tea, strawberry, gourd vegetables, pig and purple osier. Junan County have ascended to the top 100 national counties in output of oil and fruit for consecutive years, with a standing reputation for being land of peanut, land of tea, land of willow products and land of chestnut all round the world.

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Editor:Su Hongyu