Linyi in pics: Investigative group visits the Linyi Frigate and Yimeng Brigade

    Headed by Zheng Zhonghua, the member of Linyi Standing Committee, political commissar of Linyi military subdistrict, the investigative group visits Linyi Frigate and Yimeng Brigade. On behalf of Linyi Municipal Party Committee, government and millions of citizens, the group salutes active-duty troops.

    “During Anti-Japanese War, Yimeng Spirit built its good reputation for bearing hardships, striving continuously to strengthen themselves and selfless devotion. As an old revolutionary base area with tradition of supporting army, the whole city will spare no efforts to support the construction of Linyi Frigate and Yimeng Brigade, including offering logistics services and actively promoting civil-military integration,” said Zheng Zhonghua.  

    The troop leader welcomes the group and indicates that troops will bear in mind the expectations from the Party and people. Therefore, the troop will stably promote practical ability and contribute the civil-military integration, according to the troop leader.

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Editor:Su Hongyu