双语硕硕说 | Weekly Bulletins(8/1-8/7)


According to the official approval of Shandong Provincial People's Government, First Linyi Import Expo will be held in Linyi City on October 18 to 20. The expo is jointly organized by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial Council for Promotion of International Trade and Linyi Municipal People’s Government.


Given the economic and social development of Linyi City, the existing Linyi Railway Station couldn’t supply all the residents and visitors any more. To provide a improved modern facility for both the people’s living and the social life, Linyi launched a reconstruction project on the railway station. With planned area of 14,980 square meters admitting 3000 persons, the new station is designed to locate at 150 meters away to the west from the old one.


Figures released by Linyi Municipal Bureau of Statistics showed value-added of industrial enterprises above designated size of Linyi in first 6 months grew 3.9 percent year-on-year to 40.92 billion yuan, ranking 3rd in Shandong Province.

Linyi’s gross value of industrial output during the first half year reached 216.58 billion yuan,increased 3.9 percent year-on-year.


During the first half of this year, output value of farming, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery in Linyi grew by 2.1 percent year-on-year to 36.51 billion yuan, and the value-added reached 20.24 billion yuan, up 1.7 percent year on year.

▲近日,山东各地2020年上半年经济运行成绩单陆续出炉。根据山东各地GDP半年报,今年上半年山东各地GDP排位已经正式出炉,按顺序排名分别是:青岛、济南、烟台、潍坊、临沂, 临沂跃升2个名次成功补位成为GDP第五。

16 cities in Shandong saw changes in rankings, with Linyi moving to the fifth spot, according to official statistics released by Shandong Province. As per the list, the top five cities are Qingdao (551.47 billion yuan), Jinan (452.97 billion yuan), Yantai (345.74 billion yuan), Weifang (271.18 billion yuan) and Linyi (217.38 billion yuan).

▲山东省第三届“省长杯”工业设计大赛获奖名单上, 临沂市取得了“一金两银一铜”佳绩,从获奖数量和奖项层次上,都取得新突破。

Linyi won one golden medal, two silver medals and bronze medals at the 3rd “Governor Cup” Industrial Design Competition of Shandong, making some breakthroughs since the record began.