Linyi in pics: Inheritors of blue calico actively hold social responsibility

    Recently, Xiang Hangao had sold more than 20,000 RMB worth of 12 handicrafts blue calico for a sixteen-year-old girl who is struck with a mysterious disease and is too poor to seek treatment.

    The printing and dyeing technology of blue calico is a resist printing method of indigo blue fabric. The dye is extracted from indigo plants. The dye-resistant is a paste of soya flour and lime. The paste is printed on the grey cloth through the mold plate and form patterns.

    As the director of China National Arts and Crafts Society and the member of Shandong Folk Literature and Art Association, Xiang Hangao actively carries the load of being the sixth generation of inheritor of intangible heritage. While doing crafts of blue calico, such as pillows and short sleeve shirts, Xiang Hangao also actively spread and inherit the blue calico art. Yimeng Blue Calico, as the hugely precious folk handicrafts, has both the wide practical value and distinct artistic value, Xiang Hangao introduced.

Editor:Su Hongyu