Children play with swallow handcarts on White Dew day in Linyi

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In Tancheng county, Linyi city, east China's Shandong province, children play with swallow handcarts (Chinese: 颜车), a sharpened wooden cart in the shape of a swallow, on the first day of White Dew. 

White Dew, or Bailu (Chinese: 白露), the 15th of the 24 solar terms on lunar Chinese calendar, falls on September 8 this year. It means the weather is turning cold gradually and autumn has arrived. 

The Chinese ancestors believed that the autumn is marked by the color of white, hence the name. The dazzling dew in the morning sunshine also made it more persuasive. During the period, while lunchtime is still hot, the temperature in the morning and at night drops dramatically. Before dawn and after sunset, the vapors in the air condense on the surface of grasses, flowers, and trees, into dew. It looks white and crystal clear, hence the name.

People of every household in Tancheng county, Linyi city can make this kind of wooden toy, which can even make pleasing sounds. Pushing the swallow carts while running can help the children resist the cold and improve their bodily constitutions.