Linyi in pics: Grapes harvest increase rural household incomes

    Reporters see the purple clusters of crystal grapes hanging among the wooden shelf in the grapes plantation base of Xiapo Village, Linyi, east China's Shandong Province, on September 13, 2020.

    "The variety growing in this greenhouse is a new introduced species, called oriental sapphire. During full bearing period, every mu (6.7 acres) of grape planation can add 12,000 RMB to rural household incomes," said Huang Yingchao, the accredited village first secretary of Pingyi County. She added that Pingyi County has set up Qunfa Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative which is responsible for introducing new planting technologies and grape varieties, and unifying sale. In the next step, to guide villagers to a well-off society, she will actively apply for organic green food certification and origin certification.

Editor:Su Hongyu