Pastoral Complex helps to defeat poverty in Linyi

Defeating poverty - Chinadaily.com.cn

Zhujialin is a big draw for tourists and entrepreneurs, with its idyllic landscape and overall enhanced infrastructure.

The idyllic scene in the countryside of Yinan County, Linyi City, East China's Shandong provincewith small cottages sprinkled over verdant grasslands, gives no sign of its dilapidated past.

Yinan County is now home to various resorts and sightseeing destinations suitable for family road trips. A leading example is the Zhujialin Pastoral Complex.

Lying deep in the mountains, the area saw a gradual decline, with young people going to work in the cities, leaving the elderly in the villages. As time rolled by, many houses had collapsed and old trees nestled behind the shabby courtyard walls.

But today, the complex incorporates farmlands, orchards, boardinghouses, galleries and museums showcasing traditional culture, as well as other tourist attractions. Covering 2,870 hectares, the area is home to 16,000 residents in 23 villages. The transformation has also drawn more young people back to the countryside.

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